Retention (Tyrone) Part II

Tucked into the lounge with my burner sitting on my lap, I wanted to make sure the bitches crowding around me, Travis and my niggas knew to stay the fuck away from me. Tonight, we were celebrating Nykeeia’s birthday, minus the presence of Torin and Tion. Some twins from LA hit up a couple spots and had my brothers out in Missouri trying to sort this shit out. And since Charli and Torin had niggas gunning for them, we figured every eye available should be watching everybody close to us. Well, I mostly felt that way... So here I was, in the Club with my little brother, Trita, Nykeeia and a couple niggas who ran around with us. At least my baby mama knew how to keep her ass inside the house, I thought as I finished rolling my blunts. Running the lighter over them, I placed one between my lips and tucked the other behind my ear.
“Can you put dat shit away?” Chyna huffed as I followed her gaze to the nine on my right leg.
Shaking my head, I moved it over to the other leg, closest to her. Oh yeah, Chyna here, too. I’d been kicking with her every now and then but I didn’t lead her on. She knew it was a fucking thing and for compliance, I sometimes let her ride and attend certain functions with me. I know a lot of hoes thought since they met my bros they were in good with me, but they didn’t know how we got down in my family. Some of those same hoes, we all know, fucked two or three of us--Sometimes all of us... And that shit was always deliberate. You like what you see... Holla at me!
“Why you smilin’ like that?” Chyna continued to bug me as I thought about texting Jones to flag her ass a cab. “Lemme hit that!”
Clenching my jaw as I stared at her for a minute, I puffed twice, holding it in before passing the blunt over to her thirsty ass. Crossing my arms over my chest, I allowed this gas in my lungs to lift me higher. Focusing on the song playing, I faced forward and exhaled. Pushing Chyna out of my thoughts, Charli replaced her, almost immediately. Anytime I smoked, Charli came to mind. And no matter how much I wanted to block our late-night blow sessions, I couldn’t. It was during those times when I realized how much I loved her. She was dope to me and it wasn’t because she was purposely trying to be somebody I wanted--Although she tried... Well, she tried to step to me childishly, at times, but I set her ass straight every time. Then she blossomed into the woman I know now... It’s just fucked up the whole reason of us coming together was to hurt me. And I wanted to hate her because of that reason alone but I couldn’t... My own brothers didn’t understand why I couldn’t drop her. Tyler wasn’t even half the reason why I loved her mama the way I did--I wish I could use her as an excuse, though.
“Here,” Chyna tapped my shoulder, pinching my blunt between her fingers.
Smacking lips, I exhaled roughly, taking it back from her.
“Okay...” Chyna sighed. “I see you inna mood--”
“I ain’t in no mood, shorty--Look at my shit!” I held my partially pressed blunt up for her to view her own carelessness. “You fuck my shit up every time--I’on even know why I smoke with yo ass!” I huffed, looking off to the side, only to see Travis pointing at me and laughing.
Smirking as I shook my head, I ashed this blunt, pulling the other from my ear. Lighting the fresh wood, I put the defected one behind me ear.
“Sit yo ass back,” I chastised Chyna who had the nerve to be holding her hand out for this blunt. “You ain’t smokin’ no moe of my shit!”
Tsk! I’m sorry--I ain’t even realize I had did that!” she tried to reason with me as I shook my head, toking on my own. “You stingy as fuck--That’s a’ight...” She turned to her side, nodding her head at her own words. “I’ma be just as stingy with this pussy, tonight--”
“I’ll get it from somebody else--Don’t even trip,” I shrugged it off as Chyna’s entire face cracked.
“Talk yo shit, then, nigga!” Chyna saw my chest was open and punched my right pec.
Reacting to it, I sat up, grabbing ahold of her wrist before I realized what I was doing. Chyna thrived off this bullshit. From the moment I met her, she liked talking reckless, acting up, and rough fucks. Gutter as they come and I thought that shit was cool because most of the time, I wanted to slide in and out and be done... But now I understand I’d created a monster. Shoulda just got my nut and left this fucking nut alone. Dropping her wrist, I sat back on the lounge just as my phone started vibrating. Digging through my pocket, I saw a text notification and figured it was Charli sending me her first question of the night.
JaQuell: Aye boss, step to the overlook.
“So you just gon’ ignore me?” Chyna nagged while I did just that, standing to my feet as she jumped up too. “Ty--I hate when you act like this!”
Taking my time to tuck my burner into my waist, I ran my tongue over my lips and stared at Chyna. She was cute when she wasn’t talking. Her amber eyes drew you in and the slight curve of her cheekbones never settled because she kept that cocky smirk on her face... Shorty knew she was bad but she had a lot of growing up to do. That hoodrat shit died out for me a long time ago.
“I ain’t actin’ like shit--”
“You right! You ain’t shit!” she desperately pushed for a reaction I was too unfocused to give.
“You good Ty?” Nykeeia stepped to me as I nodded.
Oh--Here you go!” Chyna huffed as Nykeeia’s left foot locked in place and I knew she would slide Chyna clean across the room if I didn’t intercede. “You fuckin’ yo brother girl--”
“Chyna be off dat shit--Go sit down!” I barked, grabbing Nykeeia by her arm and pulling her away with me. “Enjoy yo day shorty... Cuz I’on need Tion blowin’ me up off y’all wildin’,” I told her as she giggled and shook her head.
“You need to stop listening to Pudd so much and get back with yo baby mama,” she told me as her lips twisted.
“How you know about dat?”
Tsk! You think yo brother keep secrets from me?” Nykeeia crossed her arms over her chest as the corners of her mouth turned up. “If I had access to my collect recordings... You already know!” Nykeeia giggled as I cracked up. “He talks about y’all all the time and I know he’s only looking out for y’all best interest but Tion, Travis, nor Torin can live your life for you--Shorty gotta be something special because she ain’t sleepin’ with the fishes and she jumped in front of them hallows for you--”
“Tion told you allat?” I smacked my lips, not wanting to believe my big brother was a pillow-talker.
“Yeah--But don’t get mad... I know all y’all dirt--”
“You’on know shit!” I playfully nudged Nykeeia as she giggled and nodded.
Stepping away from her, I walked up to the balcony, gazing over the sea of people, dancing, drinking, and intermingling. Feeling a nudge on my left side, Chyna had linked her arm into mine and watched the people below with a smug look on her face. Pulling my arm out of hers, I cut my eyes down at her in disgust.
“Dude go sit da fuck down--I’m not doin’ dis shit witchu, shorty!”
“You asked me to come here--”
“And now I’m fuckin’ regretted dat shit--Dis da last time I’ma tell you to have a seat and wait for me or you goin’ home!”
“You not my fuckin’ dadd--”
Leaning back and cupping my hands around my mouth, “Ayo, Jay--”
“I’m fuckin’ going!” Chyna changed her tune, stomping her feet all the way back to the lounge like I knew she would.
Smirking as I turned myself back around, I wondered what the fuck JaQuell was on. Ain’t shit down here--Da fuck? In the center of everybody, Armeeshia stood, grinning from ear to ear beside this nigga hugging on a female I couldn’t see, yet. I know my baby mama ain’t out here wildin’. Clenching my jaw as I waited for them to finish, I grew angrier and angrier with each second passing. Finally, they’d broken their embrace and there Charli was... Cheesing like the Cheshire Cat. Puling my phone from my pocket, I dialed her number immediately. Watching her send me to voicemail, I called her again, then another as my face burned with rage. Pulling my phone from my ear, I swiped to my messages, double tapped the upward arrow and went to town in all caps.
Watching her ignore my message while continuing to entertain this nigga, infuriated me. Calling JaQuell, I was seconds away from pulling my pole out and ending that nigga’s life.
“You saw--”
“Go over to Charli and tell her to answer her fuckin’ phone!” I growled.
Ending the call, it took four seconds for me to see JaQuell moving over to where Charli stood. I could see the shock on her face as she watched him approach them. Watching her facial expressions, I could see she was trying to play dumb, as I dialed her number again. Charli glanced down at her phone before looking back at JaQuell who was now pointing up at me. As soon as our eyes locked, a smirk spread across my face.
Pick up,” I mouthed as she slowly shook her head.
Nodding back at her, Charli tapped her screen then put the phone up to her ear.
“Whatchu doin’ here?”
By now, everybody around her was looking up at me in astonishment. Ignoring their faces, I motioned for Charli to come up to VIP. Again, she shook her head then I nodded for JaQuell to assist her. Stepping away from the overlook, I headed for the door in VIP, bumping into Travis on my way over there.
“You straight?” he asked me as I nodded, looking beyond him as his hand touched my shoulder. “You sure?”
“Yeah, I’m good--I’m bouta be out...” I told him as he nodded. “Make sure Jay get Chyna home and don’t let dat bitch follow me out, either,” I instructed my little bother as we shook up.
Opening the door, I skipped two steps at a time until I was on the main floor. Keeping the grin on my face as Charli wrestled with JaQuell to get out of his hold on her. Getting closer to them, I noticed her sunken eyes and inability to keep herself from fumbling as she fought with JaQuell.
Aw, so you out here gettin’ sloppy while my baby at home--Who she wit?” I asked Salimah as she rolled her eyes at me before turning her head to the side.
Grabbing ahold of her chin, I forcefully turned her head so she was had no choice but to look up at me. And I hadn’t told JaQuell to release her, so shorty was powerless, at this point.
“Who you got wit my daughter, Charli--”
“Don’t call me that!” she hissed as I nodded for JaQuell to release her.
“Who the fuck is this?” I heard Chyna behind me as her fist went into my back. “You fuckin’ left me upstairs with yo brother so you can find some other pussy--Nigga, I was only playin’ when I said I wasn’t gon’ give you none--”
“Really, Ty...” Salimah smacked her lips as Armeeshia and three other chicks walked up followed by the nigga she was hugging in the middle of the club.
Pulling my burner from my hip I cocked it and aimed at him as the women screamed and dude froze up .
“Ty--What the fuck are you doing?” Salimah came to life, jumping in front of the barrel as my face scrunched up in anger. “Put that away--”
“So you just be jumpin’ in front of the gun for anybody?”
“Oh my God!” Salimah gripped the top of her head, baffled by my question. “Keese is my friend--He already has a girl! And no, I’m not gonna let you kill somebody when you got hoes running up and beatin’ your back in!” Her left brow rose as she made eye contact with Chyna.
Hoe? Bitch I ain’t no hoe!” Chyna lurched forward but was quickly apprehended by Travis. “Lemme go!”
“My fault, bro--I tried to grab her happy ass upstairs but she slipped past Trita--”
“You okay?” Armeeshia asked Salimah as she shrugged and moved to the side.
Grabbing ahold of her wrist, Salimah forcefully snatched it away from me. Not even bothering to roll her eyes again, I could see the tears ready to fall. Clenching my jaw, I felt like shit. Despite everything Charli had done to me, I didn’t plan on intentionally hurting her this way. Ignoring her, popping up, and that other petty shit was one thing... But having Chyna swinging at her and the bullshit she was witnessing today shouldn’t have happened.
“I guess I know why you ain’t seen our daughter in two months,” Salimah chuckled with a shake of her head.
“Daughter?” Chyna was the only person out the loop. “I asked you did you have kids and you told me if we don’t have kids then don’t worry about it!” Chyna repeated the stupid I told her as Travis snorted while trying to contain his laughter. “Ain’t shit funny--”
“Shut the fuck up--”
“Let’s go!” Salimah grabbed her best friend as I tried to reach for her again, being stopped by Armeeshia who was mugging me.
“Wow--You gotta bitch named Charli pregnant?” Chyna was trying to taunt Salimah and that shit was pissing me off.
Stopping in her tracks, Salimah turned around with a smirk on her face.
“Yup--Sure did,” Salimah’s neck swirled as she talked her shit. “And this bitch name Charli is also his wife!” Salimah revealed my secret as Travis released Chyna while dropping his chin to the floor. “I guess you ain’t even gotta worry about me anymore--I’ll have those papers sitting on the kitchen table!” Salimah chucked up the deuces as she turned back around and switched her hips towards the exit.


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Characters Welcomed!: Retention (Tyrone) Part II
Retention (Tyrone) Part II
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