The Lady of My Life

*Tita is a Spanish nickname for grandmother. 
*There's a Youtube video you can play when you come to that portion of the story. It's music added to give you a better sense of scenery. (Play it or imagine if you know the song)
Sniffling from the lower level bathroom, I tried to keep my sobbing low enough as to not alert my daughter. She could hear like a bat and the first person she'd tell was Travis and I didn't wanna hear his voice or see his face right now. Taking a deep breath, I swallowed then wished away the results of the fifth pregnancy I'd just taken. Two pink lines. Stupid ass dollar tree pregnancy test! Nibbling on my thumbnail, I wondered if I would be pushing my body to its limits if I got another abortion... "Mira, you only supposed to get two--Anything more and you gon' fuck up your útero..." My sister's warning kept swirling around in my head as I grew angry with myself and Travis. Travis more than me because he had been on this baby kick for the past year since his baby brother had twins and Tyrone had his baby girl. They were so cute, but I wasn't trying to push another baby into the universe until I had a rock on my finger. And Travis knew that from the very beginning.
I was young and dumb as fuck when I met him. Back when we used to map out our lives together before Tatiana was born. I couldn't wait to be Mrs. Taylor. He was so fucking fine, charismatic, hilarious as fuck, and Mami and Tita loved his dirty ass draws. They still do... And I can't say he's given them a reason to hate him. Travis takes care of our daughter, me, and my entire family. And I mean every last one of them. Even my familia back on the island. He makes sure to send me and Tati back home every year and even comes for a day or two before leaving us alone. If there's anything I want, Travis gets it, but only if it's materialistic. Cars, clothes, shoes, diamonds--Anything any other bitch would kill for their man to do for them. But the one thing I've wanted since I was a little girl and he was that goofy, badass little boy who lived across the street from me... Was to be his wife. More than sharing my life, a child, and even living together. I wanted his name so any bitch who thought to try it would know who he chose. Being a baby mama wasn't enough and it damn sure wasn't what I wanted even when I decided to keep Tati. Listening to Travis's logic at sixteen was the reason behind me becoming his baby mama and a teenage mother. "It's fate--You gon' be mine forever..." That's what he told me and my lovesick, nutty over a nigga behind. So, I accepted his reaction to our little blessing like I'd found true love. Hearing the kids at our school talking us up like we were the ghetto couple they all aspired to be. Teenage love affair was my song back then and I swore I had the best boyfriend on the Southside of Chicago--Nah, all of Chicago! But I didn't know that years would pass until I finally realized what we shared didn't come with his name or a ring.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Máma!" Tati didn't even wait for me to respond as I quickly lifted the hem of my shirt to pat my eyes dry. "You didn't put my juices in the nevera!" she groaned as I choked on my own laughter. "I can't drink hot juice!"
"Cálmese Chipmunk!" My voice was extra nasally, even I turned up my nose after hearing it. "I'll get you some ice!"
Flushing the toilet, minutes had passed since I used it but I didn't want to give her the impression that I was doing anything other than peeing. Clamping the test in my hands, I scanned the bathroom to see where I could hide them until I could get rid of them. There was a spot above the medicine cabinet the light blocked from view. Stepping on top of the toilet seat, I carefully placed the tests there, said two Hail Mary's hoping Travis wouldn't be in my face all night once he got home. Climbing off the toilet, I turned on the cold water, doused my face and groaned once I noticed the red, puffy bags underneath my eyes. Taking a few deep breaths, Tati was now banging on the bathroom door and twisting the knob.
"Máma! LET ME IN!"
"WHO DAT IS BANGIN' ON MY DOORS!" Travis's voice boomed through the halls as I gasped.
Coño! He's gonna take one look at my face and be on my ass until I tell him the truth. I could hear Tati giggling and as Travis tickled her. There were more knocks and I knew he was the one behind them. Looking at my reflection, again, the puffiness had gone down but I still looked like I'd been crying. Pensar! Pensar! I scratched the top of my head as a lie quickly came to mind. Unlocking the door, I smirked up at my man like nothing was wrong as his face turned down.
"What's wrong witchu?"
"Nothing--I was watching my stories," I lied right through my teeth because I damn sure wasn't about to announce I was pregnant.
"Dem telenovelas?" he asked as I nodded, scooping Tati out of his arms.
Carrying her into the kitchen, Travis was right on my heels, telling me about the shit he wanted to do for Tati's birthday. He and my mami had planned a bounce house themed party, not caring what I might've had in mind. Keeping my mouth closed and my mind on what my next move about this baby was gonna be--I grabbed one of Tati's cups, put a few cubes of ice inside it then poured her some juice.
"You heard me?" Travis tapped me as I blinked twice then nodded. "No you didn't--What I say, then?"
Staring into his eyes, I tried to search for any indication that he had grown up and wanted more than just our co-habitation and a baby. It was stupid and I didn't find a thing, but this shit was starting to eat me up inside. Trying to remember any time from our teenage years when he might've told me he was gonna marry me, I couldn't. It was always, "You're my girl" or "You're gonna be mine forever..." but never "I'm gonna give you my last name--Just watch!""I don't know," I shrugged as he groaned. "I was getting her juice!"
"Tsk--" he smacked his lips in a huff. "I said I already paid for da building and decor..." He went on again and just like that, I'd tuned him out to get lost in my thoughts.
I do remember my quince when Travis paid for everything. I was the queen of the ball, literally. Cinderella themed, in my custom glass slippers and puffy, baby blue tulle dress. I had a golden, pumpkin-shaped chariot, red carpet pictures, and the hottest DJ in the city. My mami, Tita, and my Tias cooked for a whole army barracks. My mami's favorite brother, Ramon spiked the punch bowl and had my Tita beating his back blue while the rest of the family laughed, including him. We juked and foot-worked until my feet hurt. But Travis was still my favorite part of that night and every night that followed. He had all the girls in my family and our school jealous of me and I couldn't get any happier. Those pictures we took together only further embedded marriage deeper into the future I had planned for us. It was perfect, until August 11th, 2007 when I couldn't stop throwing up and falling asleep. My mami called me out before she sent my sister, Yoli to the corner store for a test. I was so adamant about not sleeping with Travis until those two pink lines forced me to tell the truth. Travis had taken my virginity two years before my fifteenth birthday and that positive test was proof of that.
I cried rivers and streams as mami screamed at me. She claimed that I'd ruined my life and called me a puta and even kicked me out for a day. Thinking I was done for, I crossed to the other side of the street and knocked on Travis's window with tears running down my face. And he made me feel better, we had sex, and promised he'd always take care of me and our baby. And he kept that promise. Damn, this new baby! I shouldn't even be angry with Travis but he should know me well enough to see I'm not happy anymore. Sucking in air through my nostrils, I forcefully blew it back out the same way I pulled it in.
"Whatchu doin' all dat fah?" Travis questioned me as I glared back at him.
It was like the devil came into me and I didn't care what happened. Cocking my head to the side as my right hand naturally clamped to my hip, I was seeing red. Travis actually looked worried as I prepared to unleash my fury on him.
"I don't feel like talkin' about this shit right now!" I spat, slamming my left hand onto the countertop beside Tati who flinched the second my hand slapped the marble.
"What?" Travis was taken aback.
"¡Nada! No quiero escucharlo!" I cut the air with my left hand as Travis's face curled into a scowl.
"What da fuck you mean you don't wanna talk about dis shit right now--Tati is yo fuckin' baby, too!" Travis cursed as my brow arched and my shoulders rose and fell quickly. "You fuckin' blowin' me--Her birthday in one week and you actin' stupid as fuck fah nothin'--"
"STUPID?" I scoffed, clapping my hands together as Travis nodded his head up and down.
"You heard what da fuck I said!"
"NIGGA YOU STUPID!" I spat, knowing I was pushing the envelope intentionally. "I KNOW WHO DA FUCK MY CHILD IS! AND I HAVE MY OWN SHIT PLANNED OUT FOR HER BIRTHDAY--"
"Papi!" Tati cried out to Travis as I swiftly snatched her off the countertop she was seated on.
That one move caused her to wail to the top of her lungs like I'd twisted her arm back as I watched Travis's face flash red. His nostrils were flaring and I knew I'd gone too far. Coño! I cursed internally but I didn't let go of my daughter.
"Put me down!" Tati cried as I held on to her tighter.
What the fuck am I doing? Ran through my mind but I couldn't stop myself from keeping this shit up. Travis was furious as Tati continued to cry and reach out to him.
"Put her down!" he scolded me like I was his child and that only pissed me off even more.
"No!" I shot back at him as he took a step forward, placing his hands on Tati, trying to removing her from my arms.
We tussled for only a second and in one swift motion, Travis grabbed one of my wrists, squeezed it with all his might and snatched Tati out of my hands with the other hand as I let her go. In pain and borderline crying, Travis leaned close to my face as his eye color appeared to change from brown to black.
"I will fuckin' break yo arm if you eva snatch up my daughter like dat again--You hear me?"
Nodding my head up and down, I was too terrified to verbally respond. Never in our entire relationship had Travis hurt me or threaten to do me bodily harm. We'd argue like cats and dogs but it never got to this point. I mean, I've hit him more than a few times and the most he would do is restrain me while laughing and planting kisses all over my face until I calmed down. Tucking my bottom lip into my mouth just as it started to tremble, I burst into tears moments later, causing Travis to smack his lips and pull away from me. Using my fingers to swipe at my eyes, it was no use. The tears were pouring like rain and my vision was cloudy.
Travis set Tati on her feet, after kissing her cheek and asking her if she was okay. I didn't see her nod or shake her head and she didn't say anything back to him. Tati's probably scared of me. I shamefully crossed my arms over my chest, cupping my palms to my elbows like a dog with her tail between her legs. There was no use in apologizing because Travis was heated. He would be for the remainder of the night and there was nobody to blame but myself.
"Go upstairs, in yo room and wait fah daddy--A'ight?" Travis instructed Tati who was still looking at me with tears dancing in her eyes like I'd put the fear of God in her.
"Tati..." I tried to call out to her but she quickly turned her face from me to look up at her daddy with a quivering lip.
"Go 'head..." Travis told her as she nodded and ran out of the kitchen.
He must've been giving her time to get up the steps because he didn't speak or take his eyes off me until her shoes sounded like they were on the second floor. Watching Travis cross his arms over his chest, I knew I'd fucked up. There wasn't a smirk, giggle, or even a hint that I could tug of his funny bone. Licking my lips, I wondered what I could say to sway him or at least, clear the air a little without full-on admitting that I was tired of being his cohabiting baby mama.
"I'm taking Munk to Nana's--"
"Really Travis--You not taking my child--"
"SHUT UP!" Travis roared over me as I jumped back. "Dis ain't no fuckin' debate, Trita! You on some other shit and I can't be around yo ass right now or I'ma fuckin' snap!" He barked as I blinked in confusion.
Not going any further, Travis turned his back to me and walked out of the kitchen. Like an idiot, I stayed in the same spot as Travis went up the steps, packed a bag for Tati and then left. With my child. In total shock, I think this shit lasted another five minutes and that's when the waterworks started up again. I cried, from the kitchen, out into the hall, up the steps, down the hall leading to my bedroom. Retrieving my phone, I dialed out Travis's number more than twenty times before he put me on the block list. Climbing into bed, my body tucked into the fetal position where I cried myself to sleep. So much for the man of my dreams...

One Week Later...

As if my brain had set an alarm for five in the morning the night before, my eyes shot open. Staring at the eggshell colored walls as the sunlight barely blinded me, I sighed hopelessly as I turned to face the empty side of the bed where Travis usually slept. Snoring loudly and sometimes farting if he ate a bowl of cereal the night before coming to bed. Something he did to purposely get on my nerves. Travis hadn't called, come home, or brought my baby to see me in a whole week. If you're wondering... A bitch was sick behind this shit I'd caused. There have been numerous times when I caused an argument and Travis never reacted this drastically. But I've never used Tati as a pawn, either... Groaning because I had no more tears left to cry, I turned my back to Travis's side, staring back at the wall I woke up looking at.
"Feliz cumpleaños, Tati!" I said out loud just as my phone started ringing.
Lifting my hand up, I slid it over to the side table and felt around until I touched the cool surface of my Google Pixel 3 and pulled it back to the bed. Yoli's name was flashing on the screen and I almost didn't answer it but I knew since it was my daughter's birthday... Mami would have her calling me every five minutes asking dumb ass questions.
"What?" I croaked as she giggled.
"Damn--No, good morning, stank breath?"
"Why you calling me this early in the morning?" I asked instead.
"I didn't think you would be up--"
"So, again..." I insisted. "Why did you call?"
"Okay, Trita, I get it--You're mad at Travis so you're gonna be a bitch to every fuckin' body!" Yoli blurted out as I gasped at the thought of Yoli knowing my business.
If she knew, that meant mami knew. And if mami knew, the whole family was made aware of it. This must mean, Travis came by to see her with Tati or she called him while he was pissed off and he told her everything. Mami's gonna exaggerate this shit to the maximum, too."What happened, anyway?" Yoli pandered as I groaned loud enough for her to know I didn't plan on retelling my side of the story. "Okay--I'm sorry--Coño!""Yoli, what do you want?"
"Mami wants you to pick up Tati's gift--She got her that LOL! Surprise Doll House--"
"Why she just didn't have it sent to the house?" I rolled my eyes as Yoli giggled.
"You know mami's cheap ass will always choose the cheapest way out of any situation," Yoli cackled as I kept my face bleak and uninterested.
"Fine--Where is it?" I huffed while sitting up on the bed.
"Target!" Yoli was too animated for me this morning.
Ending the call without saying goodbye, I threw my legs over the bed, stretched and stood up. Shuffling to the bathroom, I handled my hygiene, got dressed, combed my hair with a wig brush and let it fall where it may. Leaving the house around seven, I could feel my stomach rumbling but I didn't feel well enough to eat. On the drive to Target, the only person on my mind was Travis. Tapping the steering wheel as I drove, there was no other way I could spin this situation in my favor other than revealing my pregnancy. At this point, I'll do whatever to keep him from leaving me. It still baffled me how far he took this shit. A week of no communication? Huffing as I turned into the Target parking lot in Glenview, I rolled my eyes at the thought of another bitch and him together. There was no other logical excuse for Travis to pull some shit like this other than him wanting to knock some other thot down. I swear to God if he had any bitch around my daughter--
You and me together through the days and nights
I don't worry 'cause everything's gonna be alright
People keep talking they can say what they like
But all I know is everything's gonna be alright
"Travis?" my voice cracked as I accepted his call.
"Whatchu got some otha niggas tappin' yo line?"
He had some nerve.
"No," my voice was flat as I jumped out the car and headed inside this Target.
Hearing Travis exhale, he knew I was pissed off at him.
"You comin' to Tati fefe--"
"Why wouldn't I come, Travis?" I asked him as I approached the customer help desk. "Hi--Um... I'm here to pick up a package for Lorena Dominguez." My voice changed instantly from snappy and ghetto to diplomatic and preppy.
Hearing Travis snicker in my ear had me grinning a little more than I should've been considering I was still supposed to be mad at him. Nibbling on my thumb as I waited for Ashlyn to search through her computer database, my eyes wandered around the store, stopping at the pharmacy area. I should pick up a couple tests and take em... The five I hid are probably fading.
"MsDominguez?Ashlyn called me as I rolled my eyes.
Hearing Ms. Dominguez brought me back to my dreaded reality.
"Yeah?" my regular voice and bad attitude were back.
"I found the package--Would you like somebody to help you carry it out?" she politely suggested as I nodded.
"I need to step away from the counter real quick and pick some other shit--I mean, things up--"
"Don't try to clear it up now," I'd forgotten Travis was still on the line. "She know you a hoodrat--"
"Shut up," I snorted as he laughed. "Not you," I told Ashlyn as she forced a smile and nodded.
Turning away from her and the desk, I quickly scurried over to the left towards the medicines and feminine products. Keeping my phone glued to my ear, neither one of us spoke. It was like being back in high school when my mami would curse me out for running up her Sprint bill because Travis and I stayed on the phone all day. While I was at practice, he was hanging on the corner, then we'd meet up just to go back home and call each other.
Running my index finger over various brands of tests, I wanted to make sure I didn't get any of the emoji or double lined readers. The test needed to read PREGNANT boldly and clearly. Picking up a couple Clear Blue and First Responses, I tucked them between my chest and forearm and hauled ass back up to the customer help desk. A line had formed and I was groaning in impatience.
"What's wrong?" Travis was persistent with this call.
Ignoring his question, I scooted up a spot as one customer finished and left.
"Aw, so you don't hear me--Trita!"
Smirking as he continued to call out my name, I was in petty heaven. Don't feel good do it?"A'ight--Just wait till I see you--"
"Can't take it don't dish it," I quipped as Travis mumbled underneath his voice.
"Shut up, Trita--"
"I was--Stop calling my name."
"Next?" Ashlyn smiled at me as I stepped up to her counter. "Awww! Congrats in advance--"
Frantically shaking my head as I dropped all the test onto the counter, Ashlyn's face twisted in confusion. Motioning for her not to say another word, I pointed to my phone as she nodded her head. I don't think she fully understood what I was telling her but her ass was quietly ringing up my tests while I continued to hold my phone up to my ear. Travis was back to listening and not talking and I could only assume he'd heard Ashlyn congratulate me. His nosey ass was trying to hear something but he wouldn't find out until Tati opened her gifts--Coño! I should go get some wrapping paper."Hey, can you keep this behind the desk for me, I need to get wrapping paper, tape, and balloons?" I asked Ashlyn as she nodded her head. "Okay, I'll be right back!"
Running through checkout to get to the aisle, I felt like I was on borrowed time. I needed to get the fuck out of Target, go back home, piss on these tests, do something with my face and hair and wrap Tati's gift the best way I could before I went to her party. Travis was going to see me, tonight, and be begging to come back home--And I didn't even put his ass out. Grabbing a small gift box, I picked out two different character themed wrapping papers and a metallic gold one for Travis's gift. Lifting about twenty balloons from the racks, I grabbed some ribbon and sprinted out the aisle. Making it back up to Ashlyn's counter, she looked like she was about to clock out when she noticed me.
"Liam, I'll take her--My break is coming up but I'll help you and I paged Joey to help with the LOL! Surprise Doll House," she spoke quickly as I placed my other items onto the counter for her to ring up.
"Papi, I'ma call you later," I spoke without thinking and immediately regretted it once I pressed the red button to end the call.
Not dwelling on it, I swiped my card, grabbed my bags and directed Joey's ass to my baby Benz. He was in awe but I was in a rush. Ignoring his car-related questions, I closed the trunk after he placed Tati's house inside and got inside my car. Revving the engine once it was started, I was on a mission. Mission: Get Travis to see what he's missing... Oh--And tell his ass I'm pregnant, again! (But that ain't as important as making sure I look good enough to eat)!

It's Showtime A.K.A Tatiana's 5th Birthday!

Grinning from ear to ear as I followed the directions Travis messaged me, my body was tight and looking right and I beat my face to perfection. Knowing it was my daughter's birthday and there were bound to be hella kids in the building, I decided not to wear the bondage mini dress I desperately needed an occasion to slide into... And went with a spandex, cable-knit sweater dress that stopped slightly above my ankles. It curved in all the right places but it didn't scream "seeking attention" although I knew I was gonna turn heads in it anyway. The plus side to wearing this dress was the weather I was rocking it in. Cool, damp, and slushy--High heeled Booties season! Curling and parting my hair so it flowed like Farrah Fawcett's, I made sure my makeup glowed to accentuate this look. Tati's house my mami got her and the gifts I'd stashed away in the back of my closet were wrapped and in the trunk of my car. And Travis's gift was securely tucked away inside my fuchsia-colored Birkin bag. Five minutes from the venue, my stomach tightened with anticipation. Do I really wanna go through with this? Another baby won't make him marry me--And that'll only make him believe you don't care for titles--Glancing at myself in the rearview mirror, I was sticking to my guns. I didn't want to chance having another abortion and I needed to tell Travis how I felt. If he wasn't going to marry me then he needed to step off so I could find another nigga who would. Even though nobody in this city would even dare to fuck with me... The ultimatum was what I was banking on. Throwing my eggs in one basket as I'd always done with Travis in hopes that he didn't leave me hanging.
"You've arrived at your destination!"Peering at the rectangular-shaped, brick building, I assumed it was an old warehouse turned funhouse. I'd never heard of Moon House Rock, but this was what Travis had in mind for our baby girl so I was going to go with it. God knows, he already got my family on board with him. Ooo! I can't wait to eat! Ran across my mind as I pulled out my phone to call my sister. I didn't want Travis to see me yet and I needed help lugging this dumb ass doll house mami got Tati inside. My call was picked up by her voicemail, prompting me to call a second time. After the fifth time, I was heated. Smacking my lips, I'd be a fool to try to lift this house out of my car a second time. I went through hell pulling it in the house to wrap and back out to store in my trunk. Mami was gonna hear about this shit once I saw her inside. She could use my brother to pick this shit up. He's sixteen and he gotta car. Why the fuck didn't she call Ruben? Groaning as I stomped across the blacktop towards the entrance, I was about to curse my entire family out over this shit. Pushing the front door open, the lights in the lobby were off which was strange because the parking lot was packed.
Clicking my heels around the vestibule, I pushed both bathroom doors open and found the lights to each were also off. Scrunching up my face as I listened for laughter and music, I didn't hear a peep. The hell is going on? I wondered as I nervously peered around the corner to see a door, I believe led to the "fun area." My only source of light was coming through the two glass doors in the lobby but I know all these cars weren't parked out here for no reason. Moon House Rock was the only building on this lot. Everything else was fast food joints and a couple of restaurants but they had their own parking lots--And nobody was about to walk ten minutes in this weather to another building. Feeling my phone buzz, it was a text from Travis.

Papi Chulo: Where you at?

Opting not to text him back, I dialed his number and waited. Ringing several times before I got his voicemail, I was pissed off. Calling him again, I got the same results. My hands were shaking with fury as I frantically texted him back. Hearing a soft thud, I jumped back, clutching my chest.
"I'm about to fuckin' kill somebody!" I announced out of fear.
Getting no response, I decided to open the door I saw around the corner. These muthafuckas were in here playing with me and I was about to shut Tati's party down. Travis knows I hate being scared and this shit is not funny considering the kind of week I've had and my current physical and emotional condition. Putting power in my walk, my heels were pounding across the concrete flooring covered in linoleum. Pushing the side door open--
(Cue Michael Jackson's "Lady In My Life)

The lights in the dimly lit room brightened as my entire family stood on opposite sides of each other, forming what could've been a soul train line. I could feel my eyes misting as my prima, Yvette pulled a sign from behind her back. It was an arrow pointing down the line where I saw Travis standing at the center, all by himself with his hands behind his back.
"What are you doing?" I whispered knowing the music had drowned my voice out but I'm sure Travis read my lips just fine.
"C'mere," he motioned with his head for me to walk up to him but my feet felt like they were rooted to the ground.
Shaking my head, I knew where this was going and I couldn't help but feel like I was still asleep. It wasn't until one of the tears bouncing around in my eyes fell onto the back of my hand that I realized this shit was really happening. Travis, again, motioned for me to come to him and this time, I was able to step one foot forward. That sent the entire room into a fit of laughter. Laughing my bashfulness off, I felt the temperature rising as my cold feet heated up. Encouraged by this same internal boost, I took a couple more steps, leaving a smaller gap between Travis and I. You gotta meet me halfway, Papi--Because this is as far as I can go... I thought as my brows furrowed and my head tilted to the side as if I could telepathically transport this message to Travis.
Naturally, Travis picked up on what I wanted and came to me. My smile was wider than the horizon and Travis's expression mirrored mine for only a second then it dropped. Pulling his hands from behind his back, he placed a bushel of roses into my arms. Bringing the flowers to my nose blocked my vision so I couldn't see Travis getting down on bended knee. Lowering the roses, I shook my head, still in disbelief that my dreams were coming true.
"No..." my bottom lip quivered as he nodded his head.
Using the bouquet to shield my face, these roses wouldn't need to be put into a vase right away. Keeping my face tucked behind these flowers, I could feel Travis tugging on the hem of my dress. Not getting the response he was hoping for, he pulled the flowers away from my face giving me no choice but to look down at him. I knew I had mascara running and my face was a mess but I didn't care.
"Tritana Ines Dominguez Colón," his accent was damn near perfect as he winked, causing me to blush.
Glancing over to my right, my mami was sobbing like a baby. Yoli was right beside her rolling her eyes at mami but crying her damn self. Such a hypocrite, I thought as I turned back to the love of my life.
"You betta look at me--" Travis scrunched up his face as I giggled.
"Stop!" I twisted my lips as he smiled again.
The both of us gazed into each other's eyes for a second but it felt like I'd relived every moment we've ever shared together. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It only made me more emotional than I was when I first walked into the room. Tucking my bottom lip into my mouth, I couldn't stop the tears from falling but I could prevent my fat ass bottom lip from quivering.
"I shoulda been did dis shit--"
"You think?" I cut him off causing my family to chuckle.
"And I'll admit it was in da back of my mind fah a long time but Munk was puttin' da pressure on me dis past week--Marry my máma, Papi--That's why she mad!" he mimicked our baby girl to a T as I double over in laughter.
"I don't sound like that!" Tati gagged before waving at me.
"Hi, baby," I winked back at her before turning my attention back to Travis to address what he and Tati thought my attitude was about. "It's not true," I lied through my teeth as Travis cocked his head to the side.
"You'on think I know you, Tritana--"
"Stop calling me that!" I whined only making Travis laugh harder.
"I love you--Always have!" he got serious real quick. "Ever since I saw yo skinny ass showin' out in front of yo house till yo mama called you out!" He reminded me of how red I'd gotten in the face when mami yelled for me to bring my hot ass back inside the house.
Beyond embarrassed, I didn't know that was the day I'd piqued Travis's interest. Transporting me back to that day in time, I'll never forget how warm I felt watching Travis, his baby brother Torin, and their friends hooping on the portable basketball hoop in front of his Nana's house in the middle of the street. Feeling my left hand jiggle, I snapped back to reality.
"Will you marry me?" Travis already had the ring on the tip of my finger, like he knew I was gonna say yes.
Who was I fooling, though? I thought, dropping my smile, causing Travis's face to express a bit of worry. Of course I'm gonna say yes, I pursed my lips together trying to prevent the smile that had halfway taken over the left side of my face.
"You know that's all I ever wanted!" I burst with joy as Travis finished sliding his ring on my finger. "Coño!I cursed at how big it was as my sister and mami did the same.
"SHE SAID YES!" Travis jumped to his feet just as I noticed his brothers scattered beside various members of my family.
Pulling me into a bear hug, I welcomed the warmth of his body into mine. It didn't take long for this sentimental moment to turn into a joke for Travis. Caressing my back, he started dancing and singing to the same Michael Jackson song that had been looping since I came into this room.
"Let me touch you girl!" His goofy ass mimicked Michael. "COME BACK WITH ME!" he squeezed my ass real quick, causing me to squeal. "ALL OVER, ALL OVER, ALL OVER, ALL OVER, ALL OVER, ALL OVER, ALL OVER, BAYBEH!"
"You bet not take long to marry me either--"
"We can go to Vegas right now!" Travis playfully suggested as I scrunched up my face, ready to dig my knuckles into his chest. "I'm just playin' baby mama--" he laughed as I punched him.
"You owe me a big ass wedding!" I whined as he squeezed me tightly in his arms.
"I gotchu--Just gimme anotha fat ass baby--"
"Stop!" I giggled reminded that I had a little surprise of my own for him.
"And make it a boy dis time," he winked down at me before pressing his lips on top of mine, kissing me passionately.
Pulling back from him in the middle of our make-out session, I held up my finger to stop him from kissing my face so I could dig in my purse for his gift. Feeling it at the bottom of my bag, I quickly snatched it out and held it up to him. Travis's face scrunched up in confusion as he too the long narrow box from my hand. Letting me go, he unwrapped it just as quickly as he'd snatched from my hands, cutting his eyes down at me as everybody who could see his face laughed. Opening the tiny box he closed it just as fast.
"Stop playin'--" he cheesed as I nodded like he'd done when I didn't believe he was truly proposing to me. "For real, for real?" he wanted certainty as I nodded again. "My rib," he covered his mouth as if he was in tears while the rest of laughed. "My baby is having my other baby!" "TRITA!" Mami called out to me as I nodded to her. "AYYY!" she and my sister cooed, hugging onto each other.
"I wanna son!" Travis told me again as I shrugged. "Nah, ain't no..." he copied my movements exactly as I giggled. "Gimme a son so he can run around my brothas sons, terrorizin' em and shit--"
"See... You'on neva want shit fah all da right reasons," Torin spoke up as Travis smirked. "Always some dumb shit--"
"Fuck you, I'm havin' a moment right now!" Travis held his palm to Torin who only laughed and shook his head. "You gon' gimme a son?" he asked me as I nodded. "Travis Jacob Taylor Jr--NIGGA!" Travis announced as the rest of the room cheered and whistled.
He was too geeked and I didn't wanna rain on his parade. How could I? I'd finally gotten what I wanted. A ring! And soon after, I'd have his last name and marriage license to go with it. Ay Dios Mio, just give us a son! That way, the love of my life can get what he wants for finally making my dreams come true.
"LET'S TURN UP FAH MY BABY NOW!" Travis announced, releasing me from his arms.
Trita Taylor--No, Tritana Taylor... Yeah, I like the way that sounds!

*If you aren't familiar with these characters, you could read in depth about them in my book(s) Fatima & Torin: The Complete Series [For Free]


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