Reciprocity (Salimah) Part III

Scurrying out the club, I almost tripped over my own two feet trying to haul ass. Between the tears already falling and the ones clouding my vision, I’d need to latch onto Armeeshia just to find our way into a taxi. Sniffling, as I held my arm out, I couldn’t say I didn’t expect this to happen—Not in this way but I knew Tyrone had somebody else in his face because why else would he avoid me? He married me so I know he didn’t give a fuck about what his brothers had to say about me... But what I didn’t understand was why the sudden shift?
“Girl, don’t fuckin’ cry over that nigga—Him and his brothers is dogs and you been knew—”
“They’re not!” I cried out, not wanting to yell but not being able to hear myself over the blaring horns and passersby. “I did some fucked up shit to Ty... And this is my punishment,” I admitted to my best friends as she shook her head.
Punishment? Nah—Tyrone is not yo fuckin’ daddy… He’s your baby daddy!” she refused to see things my way. “No matter what you did—He’s your husband—Bitch, you didn’t even tell me y’all got married!” She shook me a little as I shrugged it off.
“When this happen?”
“The day after Tyler was born—Ty said some shit the day before and I thought we were really in love...” I chuckled at my naivety because I was definitely Booboo the Fool that day. “There was a priest blessing a bunch of patients and reading rites so Ty made some calls and sprung up the idea of marriage.”
“What?” Armeeshia was clearly just as shocked as before. “And you just went for it?” she asked me as I nodded.
“It seemed like the right thing to do—At that time, you couldn’t tell me shit about Ty,” I told her as I regretted my decision. “I didn’t even tell my mama—”
“I was just about to ask what mama Sasha thought—At least she’s a lawyer—”
“Who you telling!” I slapped fives with Meeshia, knowing that my mama would be getting a call at the crack of dawn about this bullshit. “I just can’t wait—”
Charli, hold up right quick,” Tyrone grabbed ahold of my waist from behind, locking his fingers in place as I rolled my eyes to the side trying to pry them off me.
“You need to leave her alon—”
“Dis don’t fuckin’ concern you, Armeeshia!” Tyrone barked at my best friend as I cut my eyes up at him. “Baby please—”
Baby?” I scoffed, pulling on his hands even harder. “Tyler is the only baby you got!”
A’ight—I deserve dat,” Tyrone stated with a nod of his head. “Lemme take you home—JaQuell gon’ drive Armeeshia—”
“Nope!” Armeeshia interjected while shaking her head. “I’m going wherever my best is going...” she twisted her lips as I mimicked her expression and nodded.
Hearing him breath heavily into my ear, I knew he was debating with himself on whether or not to keep this scene he was causing going. Feeling his fingers loosen, I guess he made the best decision.
“I’on want my baby in no parts of da fuckin’ hood!” He thought his demands meant something to me.
Despite what Tyrone was spitting, I was going to ride with my best back to her crib then hightail my ass back home. If he decided to be there when I got back, so be it... But I was going to take my sweet ass time. Jenna was supposed to be there all night so I had time. Lifting my arm up, the first yellow cab in sight pulled to the curb as I opened the door. Feeling Tyrone snatching me up again, Armeeshia held off on getting inside.
“Don’t come home tonight and it’s gon’ be a fuckin’ problem,” he threatened me as I rolled my eyes. “I’m not fuckin’ playin—”
“Ty—I’m not scared of you or what you might do... Just let me go and go on about your business,” I told him straight up as he released me.
For the first time, since I’d met him, I felt this power in the pit of my stomach I didn’t know I possessed. Waiting for Armeeshia to scoot in, I slid in beside her and closed my door. Tyrone stood on the curb, staring daggers into my side but I paid him dust, turning my back to him.
“Where to?”
“Southside!” Armeeshia giggled as I smirked and shook my head.
Stepping off the elevator, I’d purposely gotten off two floors beneath mine. I didn’t want to chance Tyrone hearing me and opening up the door for me. The ride to Armeeshia’s wasn’t as long as I’d anticipated, so we both got out the cab and went in her crib. Sitting at her table, I cried, ranted, cried again, then we laughed. Laughed at how silly I was for being for crying in the first place. Then I told my best friend the truth. Who I really was and why Tyrone had done me dirty, tonight. I told her about my rotten childhood and how grimy I was towards my baby sister and I even told her about the times I felt some type of way about her. Not that I’d wish any harm on Armeeshia but I had my selfish moments when I didn’t care what happened to anybody as long as I got what I wanted. And that shit wasn’t easy because five minutes after I poured my heart and soul to her, she didn’t speak. Probably thought of me as the monster I felt like. Then Armeeshia did the unthinkable and hugged me. That was all it took to get us crying all over again.
Sniffling as I stomped up the stairs, I was regretting my decision to sneak up two flights. Especially in this short ass dress and five-inch heels. Not to mention the alcohol that was still present in my system. Really, I just wanted to get to my door and in my house so I can plop down on my bed. This extra shit was just that… Extra. I should’ve spent the night at Meeshia’s, I thought to myself as I reached the last set of stairs. Clenching the rail, I pulled myself up each one, through the door and around the hall towards my door. Sighing just as I got my key into the hole and unlocked my door.
Beep. Beep.
The alarm gave me away as I sighed, giving up my plan of avoiding Tyrone at all costs. Rolling my eyes as I strutted into the kitchen, I quickly jumped back as I hit the corner and saw Ty sitting on the island next to my premium liquor collection I kept in my cabinets.
"How da fuck you gettin’ sloppy wit my daughter at da crib?" Tyrone criticized me as I slammed my purse on the countertop, ignoring him. “So, now you don’t hear me talking?”
Smirking as I shook my head, this was so fucking typical. Any time any nigga fucked up his go-to move was to flip the script. Find something he can call you on then run with it. Sean used to do that shit before Ty and the other niggas I talked to were no different.
“Ain’t shit funny—“
“Shut up, Ty—You brought yo ass here so we’re gonna talk about you! Not me—YOU!” I shouted, slamming my fist against the marble countertop. “I’m here, every fuckin’ day with Tyler—“
“Dats what da fuck you supposed to do—“
“Oh, really?” I nodded condescendingly. “So you just what? Half a nut and a fuck up?”
“Ain’t half of shit and you know dat—“ Ty ignored the fuck up part but addressed his skills in the bedroom.
Again… Typical.
“You know why I can’t be here every fuckin’ night—“
“No—Hell nah!” I called his bluff. “The streets ain’t calling and you not finna throw that out there to work in your favor—Ty, be fuckin’ real with me! You know why you’re not here and I wish you didn’t talk me into marrying you if you were just gonna do me bogus in the long run—“
“Do you bogus?” He laughed to himself as he hopped off the island. “You one to talk—Grime Slime—“
“Yup, you’re right—I was fuckin’ Spydah and head over hills so much so I went along with his plan to snake you…”
“I knew I shoulda been took Tyler from you..." he mumbled as my daughter flashed through my mind. "Nykeeia was wrong—"
"Who?” I asked as my thoughts and feet started moving in sync.
I gotta get to my daughter! I thought as I stumbled out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I know I didn't just hear this nigga tell me he took my child. The sound of Tyrone’s clunky shoes trailed me up the steps and down the hall until he caught up enough to snatch me up. Wiggling in his arms, I was pissed.
"Let me go!"
"Calm yo ass down—Who da fuck was you out wit?"
"Don't worry about it!"
"Who you talkin' to, Joe?" Tyrone shook me silly as I tried to pull myself away from him. "You in da city bein' a thot and got some white bitch up in here wit my daughter--"
"Where da fuck is my child?"
"Don't worry about it!" Tyrone called himself being cute trying to mock me but I had something for that ass.
"I'm calling the cops right now!" I screamed out just as I broke free from him.
"Callin' twelve on who?" he roared, stomping after me.
"YOU!" I screeched as Tyrone laughed in my face. "Man, kill all dat noise—Ain't nobody steppin' foot in my fuckin' house!"
"You must've forgot yo ass ain't stepped foot in my fuckin' crib since I'on know when," I yapped as Tyrone annoyingly waved me off. "You can fan yo hand every which way but nigga I've been here taking care of YOUR FUCKIN' CHILD!" I stood on the tips of my toes to yell those last words into his face. "You not here—"
"Shut da fuck up—You ain't tryna be no fuckin' mama to my daughter all up in da next nigga’s face!" Tyrone had his nerve.
Cocking my head to the side I was livid. How the fuck do you come here two months later and try to dictate what was established in your absence? Me and Tyler were good. Yes, Tyrone funded everything but his presence mattered more to me than his dollars. I could make due if I needed to. That's the shit he didn't get. Popping the fuck up and stalking my every move meant nothing when you disappeared soon after.
Moving out of my room down the hall, I stood in Tyler's doorway and saw bloody red. Tears immediately filled my eyes and I know a portion of these tears came from the fact that I was still a little drunk.
"Where is she?" my voice was low as I tried to keep my bottom lip from trembling.
The question I asked didn't even matter anymore because I was beyond furious. Hearing Tyrone move in closer to me, I turned around and just started swinging. Fuck being polite, fuck coming correct, fuck him, period. All my punches connected. I was hitting shoulders, pecks, abdominal muscles, and arms while aiming for his face. He took all them shits too but he made sure to sidestep when I came close to his face and that only infuriated me even more.
"You sound dumb as hell!" Tyrone hemmed me up after one of my fists nicked the corner of his chin.
I could see him fuming as I smiled from this small triumph.
"You dumb as hell—"
"Shut da fuck up, Salimah—You got niggas in yo face tryna fuck while my daughter at home—She ain't even hit one and you swear you can just zoom all ova da fuckin' city wit no fuckin' care—"
"You a muhfuckin' lie!" I snapped my neck to the side knowing he was making this shit up. "I went out last night and you swear it's every fuckin' night! Ty—Keese is not my fuckin’ nigga—I already told you who the fuck he is and I’m not repeating myself!”
“Who da fuck you coming at—“
“Man, get da fuck outta here wit all dat dramatic shit—“
“I’m dramatic because you tryna call me out on a random ass nigga in the club but you brought a whole bitch with you—In VIP with your fuckin’ brothers?” I spat while trying to get out of his hold, not wanting believe he could be this obtuse.
Tyrone's jaw clenched as he held the grip on my arm to keep me from getting away from him.
A’ight—So you not fuckin’ dis nigga but you out gettin’ sloppy—“
“You already said that—Move on to another point!”
“No! Ain’t no Salimah, nigga—Okay, so what, I had drinks with my best friend—“
“And you don’t see why I’m pissed off about that?” He asked me as I shrugged and shook my head.
“Other than you getting caught up with your little pick of the week—Nope…”
I already knew what that look on his face meant but I was going to keep my bleak expression in hopes that I annoyed the hell out of him. Silly? Yes. Immature? Very… But since Ty wanted to hop, skip, and jump over his doggish ways… I’d play my games too.
“You don’t fuckin’ see why getting turnt, in public, where most of the same people who know you—From da fuckin’ hood—Know you got ties to me for havin’ my fuckin’ baby and on top of all dat shit—Got shot da fuck up—“
“Nope,” my composure was so calm and unmoving it pissed Tyrone off even more.
Watching Tyrone exhaled as the veins in his forehead throbbed, I knew I was playing with fire but I couldn’t help myself.
“Salimah I’ma sling yo ass across dis fuckin’ room—“
“Go ‘head, Ty!” I groaned, still pissed about my baby being gone. “I go out one night and bump into you—“
"Whatchu not about to do is lie to my fuckin' face, Salimah—You had dat white bitch in my crib more than once—You and yo hoe ass friend been drinking and plottin' and thottin' every other night—"
"You got Armeeshia fucked up—"
"SHUT DA FUCK UP!" Tyrone's voice roared over mine as I flinched in fear of what was to come. "I'on give a fuck about dat bitch—Yo main concern should be my fuckin' child—"
"And what's yours? Huh?" I finally got my arm free and shoved him. "Nykeeia?"
Watching him flex the side of his chest I pushed made me want to punch him again. Part of me hated how much I loved him and the other part of me didn't want to react too dramatically, in fear of losing him. I guess I was losing on both spectrums.
"You can get whateva wild thoughts you got running through yo head—"
"Nah, Ty—Let's talk about yo whereabouts... Since I'm not fit to be Tyler's mother what does that mean for you?" I popped him in the chest another time.
"You not finna keep puttin' yo hands on me, Charli—"
Giving him two more to the chest shut him up. The way his nostrils were flaring had me wishing I would've thought this shit through. Oh fucking well...
"Who the fuck is Nykeeia, Tyrone?" I decided to keep my energy consistent because he was probably close to killing my ass. "You got you a Westside hoe—"
"Shut yo stupid ass up!" Tyrone smacked his lips while turning his back to walk away.
Following up behind him, the same way he did me, I felt a smirk creep up on my face because I was being petty and I loved it. This was the shit I'd been waiting two months to do.
"I'm fuckin' done wit you—"
"OkayAnd!" I stuck him on his back as he stopped walking causing me to bump into him. "I been done with you! Niggas been tryna get up in here... Don't trip—"
Before I could finish my little spill, Tyrone had his hand around my neck so quick my entire body shook from the impact. He wasn't squeezing hard enough for me to black out but this shit hurt. Yanking me closer to him, his breath bounced off my face. Spearmint never smelled so nauseating to me than it did in this moment. Afraid to even blink, I stared into his eyes and hoped he didn't take that bullshit I was spewing to heart. He did.
"You fuckin' in my house?" A little bit of spit flew from his mouth and hit my lip but I didn't react to it. "YOU GOT NIGGAS RUNNIN' THROUGH MY HOUSE, SALIMAH?" He shook me so hard I could hear bells. "I'm about to—" he released me as the tears welled up in my eyes. "I'm kickin' yo ass out—"
"For what?" I cried out. "Ova some shit I said—"
"It ain’t just shit bein' said—"
"YES IT IS!" I screamed. "It's mighty funny how you can be gone—Fuck other bitches—Yes, Tyrone, BITCHES!” I put an emphasis on the last word. “That hoe at the club ain’t yo only. You fucked Donye sister, D'Andra because she posted yo stupid ass snorin' in her fuckin' bed right after and you got this Nykeeia bitch all in yo ear—“
“Nykeeia is Tion’s bitch!” Tyrone leaned into my face as I backed away. “Da whole reason I was even at da fuckin’ club was because of her birthday—My brotha ain’t here so I’m making sure shorty straight thinking my fucking wife is sitting her ungrateful, scheming ass at da fuckin’ crib with my daughter—But nah…” Tyrone shook his head. “You still on dat silly shit—Gettin’ lit and ignoring all da bullshit you went through before you fuckin’ had Tyler—You don’t think niggas retaliate? You don’t think word got out dat my bitch and my baby brotha got hit? Huh?” Tyrone shook me because I didn’t answer him quick enough. “You don’t think muhfuckas think shit breezy cuz yo bitch ass nigga, Sean, finally hit his target?”
“Stop talking to me like that—“
“Nah, fuck dat—You gon’ fuckin’ hear what I gotta say,” Tyrone roughly grabbed my arm, dragging me down the hall into my bedroom.
Pushing and pulling, I wasn’t going anywhere and he wasn’t letting me go. Whatever he thought he was going to tell me never happened because I started putting up a bigger fight. This wasn’t about me and what I’d done to him—This was about him marrying me just to dog me out. Oh my God! That was his plan all along! Payback is a muhfucka!
Clawing at the side of his face I could feel the heat radiating off my body as I tried to rip his face off. I’d fallen for his words and his calculated actions and now I was right where he wanted me to be.
“Salimah—Cut dat out—“ he couldn’t even finish as my pinky hooked to his bottom lip and tugged.
Forcefully jerking me back, Tyrone touched his lip and stared at the blood on his finger. “Why you do dis shit?”
“Because you thought you was gonna play me—I took seven bullets for you, Ty!” My bottom lip trembled as tears fell from my eyes. “Why would you do this to me? If you didn’t want me—Why couldn’t you have just done what most niggas do and let me be a single mother…”
What?” Tyrone cocked his head to the side as his face scrunched up with confusion. “Da fuck are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about you purposely marrying me just to do me dirty and get me back for teaming up with Sean—“
“I didn’t fuckn’ marry you off dat bullshit—“
“Then why did you marry me?”
Clenching his jaw as his eyes fell to the ground, was all I needed to see. Even if that wasn’t his reasoning behind our marriage… He still couldn’t tell me why and I didn’t want to wait years down the line to finally hear it.
“Where you goin?” He asked as I tried to walk past him.
“Ty—Please, lemme go…” My voice strained because I didn’t want to fight anymore and I damn sure didn’t want to cry for him, either. “Lemme go!”
“Where you goin?”
“To my mama’s house—She’ll get the papers in order and we can file jointly for Tyler—“
“I’m not giving you no fuckin’ divorce!” His chest rose as he put his foot down. “You can get dat out ya fuckin’ head now—“
“I don’t wanna be tied down and—“
“You not fuckin’ tied down!”
“Yes, the fuck I am!” I yelled over him. “I’m here, by myself, while you fuck with whoever you see fit—You really don’t see the problem with that—“
“Yeah, I do—And I apologize fah dat shit but I’m not gon’ lose you—“
“You’re not gonna lose me if we get divorced—“
“Yes da fuck I am—“ Ty waved me off like I was spitting nonsense. "You not gon’ gimme a divorce and still kick it with me—“
“You’re right, I’m not gon’ kick it with you,” my nostrils flared from the stench of this shit he was talking. “But I’ll be around because of Tyler—“
“And I don’t want dat… If I can’t have all of you I can’t take half—“
“That’s so fuckin’ selfish,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes to the side. “You can’t live your life and then give me the scraps—“
“I’m not gon’ do dat—“
“You’re already doin’ it, Ty! D’Andra, that bitch in the club—And I’m sure, plenty more—“
“Ain’t plenty more—I fucked D’Andra and Chyna but I ain’t been on nobody else,” he admitted to me as I cut my eyes at him.
“Well, whatever…” I finally spoke.
“Ain’t no whatever, Charli—We not gettin’ a divorce,” Tyrone stepped a little close to me as I examined the small bump I’d caused on his bottom lip.
“Ty—Don’t…” I pleaded with him as he leaned in to peck my lips.
“I love you…”
He smelled so good and those three words were so hypnotizing. Closing my eyes, I could feel his lips touch mine, again and as much as I wanted to stop him… My body was begging for more. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled him further into me and got what I needed. Slipping my tongue into his mouth, caused a wave of emotions to wash over me. Keeping my eyes closed, I allowed Tyrone to undress me, kissing all over my body as my back hit the bed. It’s been two month—I need this!
“Open your eyes…” Tyrone demanded as I ignored his request, feeling him spread my legs wider.
Kissing down my neck, around each breast, towards the center of my stomach. Tyrone’s tongues circled my navel on his way down the middle. Bitting the side of my lip, I refused to peak as his wet tongue met my wetness. I moaned, though—A lot.
Sss—Ooo,” I sighed dragging my hands down to his head.
“Nah—Don’t fuckin’ touch me!” Tyrone pettily growled because I wouldn’t look at him, as I giggled.
“Ouch!” I cried out as his hand connected with the side of my ass. “Sto—Ahh!” I felt the wave hit as my eyes cinched tighter.
Tyrone had my hands pressed to my sides as he lapped and sucked every drop. Squeezing my thighs together, I knew he couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care. Feeling him release my hands, Ty pried my legs open, crawling back up to my face. Keeping my eyes closed, I heard him groan as the smirk on my face widened.
A’ight—Since you wanna fuckin’ play…” he grumbled a second before insertion.
Screeching was the best I could do to keep from howling out in pleasure.
“Open yo eyes—“
“No!” I flatly refused, going a step further and covering my eyelids with my palms.
Tsk!” He smacked his lips and proceeded to pound coercion into my pussy as my hands fell to my side.
Lifting my left leg above my head, Tyrone wasn't playing fair. He didn't want me to touch him, kiss him, or talk to him. I tried cussing and this nigga told me to shut the fuck up. Biting on my bottom lip was the best thing I could do to keep myself from talking shit to him. Damn, I love when this nigga get in his feelings.
Oh—“ he did some shit where he bit my nipple and my eyes shot open to find him staring dead at me.
That sent chills down my spine as the lower half of my body rose involuntarily and shook me. It was the aftershock of an orgasm I wasn't even prepared to have. I must still be tipsy, I thought to myself as the smirk on his face had me frowning. Which didn’t last long as he continued giving me long, steady strokes.
"Shut up!" Tyrone barked as I obediently clamped my lips shut.
The heat coming from both our bodies had the pressure at the top of my head building up. In a minute I was going to explode and Tyrone could deal with the aftermath. Trying to push my leg down, Tyrone only pushed it further back. I'd never done a split in my life but this nigga had my left leg, damn near, tucked under my head. Reaching for his neck and shoulders, Tyrone pushed his body up so that he was hovering over me in a push-up position. Soon as he did that, he lifted my right leg and kept his palms to the back of my thighs. I was feeling everything.
The liquor in my stomach was being whisked and churned by that solid nine-inch rod and I wanted to throw up and throw it back all at once. Still, I kept myself submissive and allowed Tyrone to do what he wanted. Feeling a frog jump from my throat and out of my mouth, I burped and giggled like the drunk bitch I was.
"Oops!" I hiccuped.
"Dats why yo ass get on my—Ugh..." Tyrone smirked then shook it off while mumbling and grunting to himself as he continued to pump in and out of me. "Shit!”
The way he had me feeling right now, I was ready to renege on the divorce. Nah, stay strong, bitch… You got this—Ooo, no I don’t! Feeling the pressure from my legs lessen, I tried to drop them when I felt my back lift as Tyrone picked me up and turned me on my stomach. Most of the time when we fucked, Ty allowed things to play out naturally but this time he was in control and in beast mode. He usually did a good job at keeping his emotions to himself but I saw his vulnerable side today—Snatching my baby from me and coming back to pick a fight with me was all I needed to know that he wasn't going anywhere. But it also showed me just how toxic we were together and how things would never change. He put on this act like he didn't want me but I knew once he thought I was gone, he'd bring his ass right back to me.
And I wasn't proud of that because I craved stability and consistency like no other since Tyler was born… But it did feel good to see him chase after me—As silly as that sounds. I had somebody shook over me. And not that sick, twisted kinda way Sean was behind my ass. Damn… I wish things were different.
Trying to function normally, I got on my knees and fell forward. Tyrone roughly grabbed ahold of my hips and lifted me up just enough for him to slide back inside. Ooo, I swear to God when I get sober I'm beating his ass... I thought before my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Shit—I might not—Damn! With the side of my face buried deep into one of my pillows, I could feel my body rocking as the headboard knocked against the wall like a drum. He had to be on one because this shit ain't never hit the wall that hard. Grabbing a handful of my hair, Ty pulled until the top half of my body was lifted and he had my ear close to his mouth. At the same tempo he was pumping before, I could hear him chuckling as I tried not to make a peep. This shit was harder than Chinese Arithmetic and Tyrone was enjoying every second of it. Freaky ass!
"Dis my shit!" he growled into my ear as I hummed in pleasure. "If I eva catch anotha nigga in yo face—Buyin' drinks, hugging you, tellin' jokes—I'on even want dat nigga askin' you fah directions," Tyrone grunted as he hit a wall inside my walls.
It took him a second to get himself together and I used this moment to do what I did best. Squeezing my walls together and throwing it back. Just the way he liked it. With his fingers tangled in my hair, I toughed this shit out until his left hand was clawing at my side and he could no longer pull my hair without giving in. No matter how many times we fucked, Tyrone would never get his before mine and I tried so hard to get him off first. I failed miserably every time.
"Cut dat shit out!" Tyrone chuckled, letting go of the last few strands of hair he was trying to hold onto.
"What?" I hissed, playing oblivious as he laughed harder, pulling out to lay me on my back, again.
Gazing up at him, it felt like old times before Tyler was born and Tyrone knew my secret. Our sex was always amazing but the way we connected during felt spiritual. Sweat was pouring like rain from his forehead as he ground in and out of me with so much aggression I thought I'd split in two after we got through. Shit felt good but damn, bae... Calling out his name only made him go harder and I was loving every minute of it. Trying to wrap my arms around his neck for the umpteenth time, to my surprise, Ty didn't stop me. Shit must be getting too good to him, I thought as I felt an electric current shoot from the bottom to the top and all throughout my entire body. Feeling my walls clenching around his dick, I lost it.
"Fuck it I'ma just nut in you—" Ty kept pumping into me as I struggled to protest.
Three... Two... One... Last push—Hold it! Ooo—Shit! Tyrone collapsed on top of me for a second then rolled over to the side as I wiggled into my sheets. Enjoying this moment for another minute longer, my reality was creeping back up on me. Swallowing I knew Tyrone was watching me and even he knew what I was about to tell him before I said it.
Charli, don’t start!”
“No, Ty—We need to separate—“
A’ight—Separate… Fine but don’t divorce me,” he pleaded as I exhaled.
We laid in bed silently, probably thinking about the crazy night the both of us had. I know for me, my mind was racing behind multiple thoughts. The first being what I wanted. And I loved Ty, obviously or my dumb ass wouldn’t be naked between the sheets lying next to him. But I couldn’t ignore the facts… And fact is—We needed serious counseling. And sex wasn’t enough. As good as it felt, our problems weren’t physical. My betrayal weighed heavily on his mental and I wanted us to take a positive step in moving past it… Or else I couldn’t be with him.
He had to talk about it daily until it didn’t anger him. And he needed to be able to deal with the shit his brothers had to say about me without subconsciously allowing them to affect our relationship. If not for me, for our daughter’s sake. Because if he thought I would go for him popping up and disappearing on Tyler—He had another thing coming.
“Calm down,” Tyrone whispered into my ear as he kissed the side of my face, causing me to moan. “We gon’ fix dis shit,” he promised me and I wanted to believe him but time would tell.
“Why’d you marry me?” I had to know.
Sitting up, I used the sheet to cover my breast as Tyrone lied perfectly still, on his back, staring up at the ceiling. Staring at the side of his face, Tyrone finally turned his head towards me.
“I love you—“
“That’s not a good enough reason,” my eyes didn’t even light up at his response.
Inhaling deeply, I watched him swipe his hands down his face. Remaining silent, I shook my head in disappointment while rifling my fingers through my hair.
“You know what—Forget I asked…” I scoffed, scooting towards the edge of the bed.
“Calm down,” Tyrone instructed as he grabbed me by the waist, pulling me back to the middle of the bed. “We grown, Charli,” his expression was stern and I knew he was being serious with me. “I do love you—But dat ain’t why I married you…” he sighed, releasing me so he could sit up.
Eyeing each other, Tyrone smirked thinking I would mirror his expression. When I didn’t, he smiled even harder which only pissed me off even more.
“You bein’ evil, right now—“
“No, Ty—I’m being real, right now… No games—And since you always telling me to act my age you need to take your own advice,” I set him straight as he nodded slowly, dropping the goofy smile from his face.
“I did it more out of spite than anything else,” he admitted to me as I tried to keep my emotions from displaying on my face. “Da shit you did was unforgivable but I couldn’t sever what we built,” his jaw clenched and I knew he was having trouble admitting this to me. “Granted all dis shit was built on deception, to begin with… I thought or, at least, like to think, shit switched halfway through and you fucked with me how I did you—“
“I do—“
“I’m not finished,” his voice was so abrasive as I immediately clamped my mouth shut and listened. “I was blind sighted, shorty and I own dat shit but I don’t regret none of dis shit—The snake you played to get through to me or the woman you grew to be after all dis shit was said and done—I don’t regret Tyler and I damn sure couldn’t fathom another woman being her mother,” he told me as the left corner of my mouth turned up. “Which brings me back to my first, point…” he exhaled as my eyes dropped in shame. “I do love you,” Tyrone told me as his finger lifted my chin up. “But that’s not the reason I married you—But it’s the reason I can’t see myself without you… So, don’t divorce me,” he came back to his original plea. “Gimme some time to fix dis—No other bitches, no games—Serious time to mentally grasp dis shit…” he told me as I listened. “And I swear to God, on my life, I’ma make you da happiest woman in da world—And I’ll have every last one of my brothas screaming Team Charli—“
“Please don't!” I giggled with him as he pulled me into his arms.
“And if they don’t…” Tyrone squeezed me a little tighter as I looked down at me. “It ain’t gon’ ever change how I feel about you.”
Trying not to be the crybaby I was known to be, I sucked my tears up, opting for a nod and a twist of my lips. As dysfunctional as our relationship was now or has been for a while… I couldn’t pull away from it now—Especially after this conversation, we were having.
“Ty, I’m putting you on a ninety-day notice—“
Say less,” he chuckled as I rolled my eyes.
“After that, I don’t wanna hear—“
“Ain’t gon’ be no need for none of dat,” Tyrone stated as he kissed my forehead. “I already told you what I’m on.”
Silence filled the room as Tyrone continued holding me. Closing my eyes, I felt his body shift as I glanced up at him.
“You got them B’s in yo bathroom still?” He asked me as my face scrunched up, confused.
“Yeah—Dem shits you had at yo mama crib to prevent pregnancy—“
“Plan B?” I giggled as he chuckled and nodded. “No—But I’ve been on birth control…” I told him with a smirk. “Got it prescribed the day after I said I do—Cuz I just knew you was tryna turn me into my little sister,” I laughed with him as he shook his head.
“Hell nah—Torin tweaking’,” Tyrone grinned. “I want more but we not where we need to be.”
“But we can still be married though?” I was be facetious and he knew it but still nodded his head. “Shut up,” I playfully nudged him as he pecked my lips. “Where’s Tyler?”
“I sent her to Fatima—“
“All the way in Winnetka?” I pulled away from him as he shook his head. “Where?”
“Torin gotta place out here in River North—She staying in da city until he get back.”
“So he is gone…” I sighed as I fell back into his arms.
“How you know he gone?”
“Fatima texted me yesterday—Something’s up with Amani so she wanted me to come over to cheer her up,” I lied, hoping he didn’t call me on it.
The last thing I wanted was for Tyrone to find out about me and my sisters’ plan to pop out on Shorty staying with BJ.
“A’ight…” was all he said but I was going to play it close and text Fatima after I woke up.
Let her know I was still down but we needed to shake my husband first then roll out.
“I love you…” Tyrone told me as he yawned.
“I know,” I cockily smirked as I lied down on my side, allowing him to snuggle up behind me.

Reaching behind me, my fingers swiped across his forehead and down until I could feel the blunt tucked behind his ear. Smirking as Tyrone's chuckling tickled the inside of my ear, I broke our embrace to reach for my lighter inside the side table drawer. Not giving me a chance to spark, Ty roughly pulled me back into him.

"Damn, bae, can I get a good light?" I snorted as he remained still.

Flick. Flick. Inhale...

"Mmm..." I moaned, loving the slow burn in the back of my throat as I held the smoke in my mouth.

Just like old times.
“You still smell good,” he took a whiff of my hair as I giggled and choked from exhaling.
I loved when he did that.


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